Acquisitions | Safari Stuff

There were some more recent controversial Ebay deliveries at my office lately - a taxidermy nyala head and a very large campaign chair. The co-workers no longer even find it bizarre. "Haha, only you, Hov!" they gaffaw, as I pull the head from the packing confetti. The nyala has been named Mandela and replaced poor Michael Gregory, the white tail deer, from his spot at the top of the living room trifecta. The campaign chair replaces the world's most neglected banana leaf palm tree.  An absolute upgrade.


  1. Reese says:

    Taxidermy is so NOT my thing, but that campaign chair is fantastic. You have THE best find/aquisition mojo imaginable! I'm still swooning over your incredible suitcase from the coffee run. So envious!!

    Enjoy your latest treasures!

  2. JWC says:

    I'm dying for the campaign chair as well... fantastic finds.

  3. Love the blue wall!

  4. Luke Hoy says:

    LOVE THE SAFARI LOOK. I too am a major fan of taxidermy. It just leaves me in awe every time.

  5. MANDY says:

    Oh my, they are just wonderful ... I adore Taxidermy !!!

  6. Raj Singh says:

    Love the chair. Is that a hat box besides it.?

  7. GoldenDay says:

    That chair just screams "Bearer! Bearer!"

  8. i would love to see you carrying these things home on the train :)