Acquisitions | La Manual Alpargatera Alpargateras

Prior to leaving for Barcelona, the ridiculously kind folks at the Espadrille Store read my post on espadrille lovin' and sent me a couple pairs. I wore the navy blue with blue ankle ribbons almost every day I was there. It felt like walking around Spain in socks - which feels pretty great! 

Despite the recent acquisitions, I was determined to find La Manual Alpargatera, the old handmade espadrille maker in the Gothic Quarter. I was a bit crestfallen that they wouldn't add the ankle ties to the standard models and the ones with ankle ties ready to go only came in black and white and red and white combos. However, I bought a pair for everyone on the family (and three for myself).  Porter models her pair above (I do love the lower cut toe portion).  AND - Jamie featured some great shots of the shop's interior on The Standard Edition.

All that said, the Espadrille Store will let you go wild with the ribbons - any zig zags or color combos your heart desires (and they're on the internet, so you can avoid nervously stammering out, "Quarenta y dos? Por....favor? Ribbons? No ribbons? Dios mio! Um, um. Ok. Quarenta y dos. Narajana? Oh. No. That's wrong. Um. Anaranjado?") (I took Spanish for six years and this is honestly the state of things. Thank goodness I retained, "cerveza" and "cava" and "vino.").


  1. so cool. we are so jealous :) now if only the weather gets a little warmer....

  2. Which shoes would you buy if you wanted another pair-those from the old store or the ones from "the Espadrille Store- Since you have both to compare?

  3. i love the deeper-cut toe on those! do you know if there's anywhere you can buy or order a pair of that style -- the deeper-cut toe -- in NYC or online? looks like espadrille store only has the original style.

  4. Unknown says:

    You may buy them at