Tying One On

There are few things I love more than espadrilles. The only that comes to my mind at this very second is a pair of espadrilles with the lacey bits wrapped around the ankles. My espadrille investment will likely increase from three pairs to 23 pairs after I go to Barcelona, but in the meantime, we should all treat ourselves to some custom ones -- with the lacey bits!

Click here to choose your base color and laces at the Espadrille Store! So fun! (Is it completely boring that I want navy on navy and tan on ivory?)

(My Barcelona travel companion is balking at my espadrille urges, saying that early April is way too early for such things. "But it's the MEDITERRANEAN!" I plead. "It will still just be around 63 degrees, Hollister. Those are hot weather shoes." "But, but, it's the Mediterranean! AND they look so nice with your cuffed pants! AND what's more important than our comfort is how we look in the photos!!!" I've gotta say, Bogey seems nearly bundled in this and Lauren certainly isn't sweating. I'm sure it was around April when this was taken. Yes. Quite sure.)


  1. oh, you are on my wavelength!!! We're headed there in May and all I can think about are espadrilles. Heading to that site you linked to ASAP so I can begin hoarding!

  2. My love affair with espadrilles began at Laura Ashley when I would pick out a pair to match my floral romper... love that classics are always in style!

    That site is dangerous for us espadrille enthusiasts.

  3. Joy C. says:

    So chic! I can't wait for summer to be here (or spring for that matter).

  4. I used to have a pair that I wore out. It has been too many years since. I believe you have just added something to my spring shopping list!

  5. Maybe I'm boring too...but I love navy, and think that navy espadrilles can be worn with way too many outfits. Good choice!

  6. "and what's more important is how we look in photos!!" = love. :)

  7. angie says:

    Such a sweet post and it reminded me of espadrilles!I had forgotten all about my favorite shoes when I was a child!

  8. Jil Casey says:

    I like espadrilles too! Thanks for the link, these look really nice.

  9. itziar says:

    in case you want to convince your travel companion that it will be hot enough in April, i will tell you that in the Mediterranean (a bit South from Barcelona, but still quite near), we had today almost 75 degrees. and we usually start using espadrilles in April. just sayin' :o)

  10. I've applied ample pressure and he's ready to commit to the 'drilles. He even wore a pair out drinking (in NY) a week ago (when it was actually nice here). This is excellent news!