Little Boxes

The New York Times and those brilliant (if not scary) Google cartographers teamed up to celebrate the bicentenial of Manhattan's famous grid for Sunday's paper. John Randel, Jr.'s 1811 vision of 90-degree order is pretty much how things are today uptown. Thank god for it, too - I've been here 11 years and I still get lost in the West Village.

The future, then much much larger, site of the original Shake Shack.

A glimpse of the chaos that reigns downtown to this day. 

(A couple weeks back, my friend and I were watching snippets of Ric Burns' wonderful New York: A Documentary Film.  It reminded us that when City Hall - much, much further south - was taking a bit too much time and dough to go up, one developer suggested that they just finish the back in brownstone instead of marble...because no one would ever go that far uptown! Incredible).