Friendly Shelter | David Coggins

My good friend David Coggins might love "things that have a function, or once did" even more than I. He just seems to organize them more efficiently. Today, he and our friend Michael Williams from A Continuous Lean are featured in the cover story of The New York Times' Home Section in a piece on the love of American Rustic decorating. They offer a peek at Coggs' ridiculously great West Village pad - and his growing Oriental rug obsession.

That little dude standing there on the bottom shelf is Grover Cleveland, a little plastic toy I found for him in Maine (his blog is Can't believe he made it in!  (Also can't believe I'm making this about me. Congrats, Coggs! Looks amazing).

(All photos except for the one of my office desk by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times)