1. Scott says:

    Always play to your strengths Reggie.

  2. With reference to the stupid remarks of Scott. I would ask him to look at the Wikipedia definition of portrait.ie: A portrait is a painting in which the face and it's expression is predominent. See the Rembrandt on the same page. If Scott looks at www.artmajeur.com/grayportraits and looks at my portraits such as "l'Iranienne", " Sophie Charlette de Capdevielle" or "Femme dans un Interieur" he will see my painting of hands is much more intelligent than ignorant stupid remarks. Go and educate yourself Scott.

  3. I think I attacked poor Scott before finding the real target on that constipated layout. So I resend my remarks to Hollister herself who evidently knows as much about painting as my arse!!! Reginald Gray.

  4. I was sad to read Hollister Hovey's insulting remarks about the artist Reginald Gray saying that "he cannot paint hands". I have known Gray for over 12 years and have been a sitter for a number of his portraits, so I consider that I am in a better position to be a critic of Gray's works than Madame Hovey. I know a number of Grays portraits showing hands that are perfectly painted. It appears to me that Madame Hovey should put aside her alter ego and do more homework on her subject matter. Doina.

  5. I don't think you understand that I consider his paintings ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! All of that is quite unnecessary.

  6. OK. Dear Hollister. Lets shake hands on all that and put it behind us.

  7. artcult says:

    Reginald Gray painted my portrait in 1989 showing me holding an art book with my hand clearly visible and quite well done.
    Hollister Hovey's remarks are totally irrelevant and worse, quite insulting for the artist
    Adrian Darmon
    Editor of www.artcult.fr
    Art Historian

  8. Some people in the art world need to take silly comments from a blogger who absolutely loves Reginald Gray's paintings much less seriously. They're wonderful and he's utterly talented. If I didn't think so, I never would have put them up.

  9. Hi. Hollister. Please click on www.artmajeur.com/grayportraits and then click "artworks" and see page one centre portrait. Reginald.