Goofing Off With My New iPad | FlipBoard Brilliance

Saturday morning...

HHH angel/rational brain: You have a an iPhone, Hol, this is totally ridiculous.

HHH devil/fun brain: But your blog looks @#$^@%@ amazing on it! And you can watch Netflix in bed!

HHH angel/rational brain: You need a new computer. Don't be stupid. Just get a new computer.

Sunday afternoon at the Apple store...

Both brains in unison:  My god! For the price of the big fancy MacBook Pro, you can get a little MacBook Pro AND an iPad! (well, practically).

Both brains in unison: WAHOOOOOO!

Today after downloading the FlipBoard app...

[HHH sits at desk - in silent shock and awe - attempting to pick her chin up off her iPad]

FlipBoard takes all the gobbledygook you're supposed to read on Facebook and Twitter and makes it look like legitimately interesting things IN A MAGAZINE!  My world will never be the same. 

(My facebook friends have great taste, it seems!)


  1. Bradford says:

    Best post ever. B/c you use "gobbledeygook" quite successfully.

  2. Daniel says:

    So ... what are those paintings? (I appreciate Steve Jobs' art but I appreciate painting more.)

  3. Thanks for the FlipBoard heads up - tres cool!