Soldiering On

In the most amazing of coincidences, Megan Wilson, the proprietress and brilliant mind behind the online shop Ancient Industries and the wonderful accompanying blog of things living and extinct, pressed publish on a post showing off the metal menagerie she shares with artist Duncan Hannah just as I did on mine!  Their collection beats the Hoveys' hands down. Jodhpurs! Camels! Gorillas! Sailors with very large guns!

All photos by Duncan Hannah


  1. That is just awesome! For a sec I thought it was a figurine of Leni Riefenstahl on one of her photographic journeys to Africa.

  2. DM says:

    I think Megan Wilson has designed the book cover to every book I've ever loved...or close!

  3. And Duncan may have painted them! They're both amazing.

  4. ADG says:

    I LOVE your toy soldier posts. My ten year old little gal and I scored additional lead troops yesterday for billeting at our digs. We have a great little toy soldier shop on Capitol Hill here in DC. You by the way, have a great little source up on Madison Avenue...Burlington Antique Toys.