HHH Shopping Guide | Welcome to the Dollhouse

In an attempt to find a friend an affordable Ibex mount earlier today (failed, the cheapest was around $1,000 - and in England), I came across these little guys from Japan, designed specifically so tiny Japanese children can make scale replicas of Sagamore Hill in their bedrooms (as all tiny Japanese children want to do). Little American kids can also fill their dollhouses with these mini-mounts from Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. if their parents click here or here.  Throw a couple itty bitty venetian mirrors and a chesterfield in there and you've got my apartment.

Note 1: In roughly a week, the blog may return to adult themes. Well, mature themes. Well, non-toy themes. None of that sounds right. But you understand.

Note 2: In the realm of big kid toys, I just purchased two of the world's most amazing ones: A Dyson canister vacuum and Apple TV. Both are revolutionizing my life. (Note 2b: Do not use Dyson vacuums with power carpet heads on zebra skin rugs unless you want them to have an extra set of stripes. Use them freely on everything else).


  1. k says:

    Funny because I just purchased Schleich African figurines to mount like those! Gonna be hard to cut off their heads though!

  2. That's amazing! And will be quite a gruesome little act! Esp. if you need a hacksaw or something.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is this up to the standard you're looking for?


  4. Unknown says:

    Cute. Why do japanes websites always remind me of bad porn and Hello Kitty?(shoulder shrug) Carry on!

  5. They totally do! And Flo - he's totally great! Will send along!

  6. Love these! My father made my sister a fabulous doll house that is very stylishly outfitted (and is her prized possession) - will pass these along to her.

  7. Since I realized you are familiar with Kansas City, I thought I'd pass on that I saw some awesome animal mounts at one of the booths in the Rivermarket Antique Mall. You might give them a call becacuse they were really nice and I think from Africa.

  8. Alan, I saw them there! They're really great.

  9. jones says:

    Thanks for the heads up re; the dyson vs. zebra. Mary

  10. Unknown says:

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