Acquisitions | Armies, Cowboys, Polar Bears and Monograms

It's one thing to collect armies, but I prefer cobbling together a motley crew. Why wouldn't a Scottish soldier, a pink shirted cowboy, an Indian, a businessman and a polar bear hang out? They certainly should! It's as if someone decided to cast the Village People in metal. These guys all came from a ridiculously fun trip up the Hudson to Cold Spring, NY.  It's just a little over an hour outside the city and oddly affordable.

A dear, sweet friend found those H decals at the Chelsea flea (and a few Ps too!) and gave them to Porter and me for Christmas. I rescued the soldiers (more in organized army/navy form this time) from the River Market Antique Mall in KC. The scrimshaw box is from Catbird, the adorable Bedford Ave. shop.

My aunt got me this Vuitton raquet cover! So, so Darjeeling Limited!

The same friend of decal purchasing fame had this plate painted for me. So perfect! (Someone has clearly sensed a bit of ego about my monogram).

And these are the magnificent tennis players we found at Le Plat d'Etain in Paris. This might be all on the toy soldier/athlete front, however. We've run out of table tops!


  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!
    Love these all, the various people and stand up players is fabulous@ I love that mall in is the best and the prarie village one?????endless too!
    Thanks for the show, those were great!
    Love the raquet cover!!!

  2. OMG - in love with the tennis players!! I inherited a great set of British painted army soldiers - they are definitely tiny works of art. And your monogrammed tray is lovely!

  3. I am always amazed by your collections. Such a huge inspiration. Nice find!!

  4. I used to live 2 blocks from the river market antique mall. a little treasure :)

  5. Unknown says:

    Huge fan of the decals and hand painted monogram! Sweet score, HHH!

  6. Lacroix says:

    Every time I get on this nice blog, I get to be remebered to the nice Hermes H belt and vice-versa ....

  7. I got the same monogrammed plate for Xmas. Love it.

  8. I've just come back from Nice where they had a few tables filled with soldiers at one of the flea markets. Made me think of you and this post and hope you've either been or will go one day!