Paris Photo Evidence Pt. 3 | Porter in a Series of Super French-Looking Ensembles, A Couple Glamour Shots of Me and a Dead Animal or Two

Porter at the Luxembourg Gardens with her new Celine bag (my Christmas gift for her, given way early because I thought it would look so great in Paris. It did!).

They put thistles on all the chairs at the Museum of Hunting and Nature because no one wants to, well, sit on a thistle.

True Louvre!

Les Halles

Deyrolle's ass

Lauging at Lipp


  1. Anonymous says:

    great photos.

  2. Camille says:

    I especially like the 'métropolitain' one: it looks like a colour fashion advertisement from the 20's, beautiful!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the striped dress. Where is that from? Reminds me of the Rodier Paris clothes my mom wore in the 70s.

  4. Beautiful Paris!! I love Laughing at Lipp. You're too gorgeous!

  5. The dress is from Forever 21 . . . $30!!

  6. Porter Hovey makes a perfect subject and Paris is a lovely backdrop.

  7. Lovely photos! You gals are so stylish!

  8. how do you say 'lucky' in french?

  9. DM says:

    these pictures are so really make Paris look so unique. very impressive!

  10. you two are so cute!!! i cant wait to go to paris someday with my sis!

    when i was at the musee de natural (or whatever its called!) they had taxidermy foxes in the chairs for no sitting :)

  11. MAUD says:

    oh my goodness, that striped dress is fabulous! what great photos - looks like a great trip!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I love the striped dress too. $30?!!!

  13. Oh, for a tin torero & taxidermied piglet ... You ladies are too charming!

  14. I think these pics are brilliant beyond!

    I have a hurdle with the animals.......I took my daughter to africa on a photo safari.......24 years ago........these heads make me cry.

    However........if they are some inherited thing.....then we honor the animal by continuing to display his head.

    Now let's have a talk about those clothes.......where do I find them?

    I had a horrible experience with a website........supposedly very savvy and chic!

    In the Wall Street Journal......the coolest top......."a faux chinchilla bolero"! From Mango.

    Spent the whole day......and my assistant's!

    Better no website than a bad one.......this one is so bad.........the worst I have seen; actually!!

    where do I find those close......can I? If not let me know!

    Fab fab post!

  15. Aww, my sis and I went on a similar Paris trip in November.

    The musee de la chasse is wonderful. Did you see the animatronic taxidermied boar? Nice to see a little irreverence in a classy museum.

  16. Chin up. The recession's almost over.

  17. Great shots!! Am taking a vicarious trip to Paris with you - having been dying to go to Deyrolles - just included it in a little piece. What a great trip you girls had!!

  18. Unknown says:

    Nice photos! Happy New Year!

    The Goads