Paris Photo Evidence Pt. 2 | Steamer Trunks, Taxidermy, Booze

This trunk just sits on Rue Saint Honore to greet people as they enter the Goyard dog and fancy steamer trunk/picnic set/bar set annex.

Porter and her new best friend at Deyrolle.

Me, sipping on a previously enflamed Saint Germain Blazer at La Maison du Whisky

Bunny bites the dust at the Museum of Hunting and Nature

Polar battles at the precious/amazing shop Au Plat d'Etain (see more on this in a few!)

Snowfall outside the Museum of Hunting and Nature

Sport at Au Plat d'Etain (we got the tennis players!)

Cat fight at the Museum of Hunting and Nature

I never wanted a pony until now! (At Deyrolle)

More Deyrolle action

Porter at the Tuileries


Port at Lipp

Museum of Hunting and Nature

Museum of Hunting and Nature

The cutest duo ever at Deyrolle!

Port at the Saint Germain tasting at La Maison du Whisky


Goyard pet annex


  1. Le sigh....wish I could've been a part of this primo Parisian excursion, including all things de rigeur, delicious and chic.

  2. Karena says:

    Porter how wonderful! What a great exhibit to attend!

    Art by Karena

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hope you got a chance to see the Vuitton exhibit at the Musée Carnavalet: Exposition Voyage en Capitale, Louis Vuitton et Paris. My girlfriend and I were there a couple of weeks ago and it seemed right up your alley. Antique steamer trunks and all sorts of one-off cases. Great post, by the way.

  4. Kelly says:

    You two couldn't be cuter. And Hollister you have got to be the best sister ever. A Celine Bag!

  5. these photos are soooo amazing. love love love. paris + the hovey sisters is a lethal combo.