Paris Photo Evidence Pt. 1 | Les Puces

Back from Paris! What an amazing 3.5 days of taxidermy, toy soldiers, clothes for big soldiers, crepes and wine. On Saturday, Porter and I jumped on the 4 train to Porte de Clignancourt to hit the flea market. It's quite pricey (especially with the exchange rate), but phenomenal for inspiring a thousand ebay searches - and just so nice to see so much great taste in action.  These helmets line the window of Serge-Antoine Legrand's actually quite affordable Un Parfum D'Aventure (allée 1, stand 36) at the Marché Vernaison.

Freédéric Gouraud's La Casemate stall (allée 4, stand 75 & 76, Marché Vernaison) was one of the best, just chock full of old helmets, military jackets, boots, rifles and toy soldiers.

Red Rose (138-140 rue des Rosiers, Marché Dauphine, Boutique 133 & 134) had enough English travel and sporting items to make Ralph Lauren cry.

La Casemate

John Pearce's Golf Links (140 Rue des Rosiers, Stand 82, Marché Dauphine) sold exquisite model planes and boats, golf prints and steamer trunks.

La Casemate

Red Rose (I love that all the steamer trunks come with little lists of items that the gentleman owner needed to remember before embarking on any said journey. Not sure if letterman's jackets were on the list, but maybe should've been.  Each compartment on this one was labeled - collars, hats, etc.)

The ceiling situation at John Pearce's Golf Links.

And a Turk at La Casemate.


  1. Unknown says:

    Do you use Hipstamatic for your photos? I only ask because the borders look like it, but the photo itself is basically normal (albeit a tad vintage-y). Thanks!

  2. It's actually ShakeIt (same deal, tho!)

  3. loving it... almost making me cry! he he

  4. Awesome blog. I really like your photos from the museum. BC