Gobble Gobble (Part II) | Dinner with the Boys

Our friend Tom Shepherd (the blonde) came in from L.A. and our neighbor Peter Pracilio popped over from down the hall with his two pups.  We went with blue, white and orange for the table.

The pancetta sage bird turned out nicely. Tom, giving it his delicate touch.

Porter, prepping the bird.

Peter, attending to the important things.

Chef Gordon and my slipps.

The grub.

Me, attending to the important things.

(Hope you all had an amazing day. I woke up extremely thankful that Porter had done all the dishes -- and always thankful that you all come back and read my chicken scratches (and send over such ridiculously cool and helpful tips and hints).  It's gonna be quite a fun holiday season, I predict!). 


  1. Fabulous - love the plates.

  2. Your table, as always, looks lovely.

  3. jones says:

    Fantastic spread. Everything looks gorgeous and yummy. Happy Holiday Kick-off. Mary

  4. Alan says:

    I was so hoping that great Airedale would get to make it for the holidays. Christmas?

  5. Anonymous says:

    SO I like his sweater but now I have the theme from Chariots of fire repeating in my head.

  6. Ha! His big brother was on the Olympic ski team and gave him part of his RL loot.