Gobble Gobble (Part I) | Pancetta Butter

Everything tastes better with bacon (except a batch of infused vodka I tried to whip up a few months ago for a bloody mary party).  It's usually enough to wrap said porky bits around an object, but Bon Appétit has advised us to take that to the next level: pulverize pancetta and smear it all over and under the skin of the ole bird like butter.  Of course, the fat from the meat isn't enough, so you have to add actual butter (portion NOT to scale!!! - didn't want to mess with that label), olive oil, cheese and spices to the mix, too.  In the end, this should lead to a very delicious Italian Sage and Pancetta Turkey - and a quadruple bypass. Updates to follow tomorrow.

Safe travels to everyone! Happy Turkey Day!

Photo by Porter Hovey


  1. OMGGGGG. Happy thanksgiving!!! xxx k + s