A Sweeter Leaf

On my more adventurous mornings when I get my act together, I take the longer, non-Manhattan path to work, up through Greenpoint, across the Pulaski Bridge and into Long Island City, Queens where I pick up Stumptown coffee from Sweetleaf.  I must not have had my act together much lately, because when I popped in today, the entire interior had changed -- and doubled in size.  Lots of subway tiles, raw wood and antiques.  Pretty great.  The coffee and pasteries aren't bad, either.

I will never understand addresses in Queens, but theirs is:
10-93 Jackson Ave.


  1. Susan says:

    I ride by Sweet Leaf every day and just noticed that it got bigger. It looks like it's still beautiful inside! I love crossing industrial Pulaski and walking into such a beautiful shop. It's kind of like walking into a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film, no?

  2. I love those photos, so inspiring!

  3. Stacey says:

    I'm just a little envious of your morning walk. simple aesthetics are beautiful. I'm visiting a friend in NY in the spring - do you have any suggestions on places to eat/shop/hang out?