iPhone Bootleggin' | Avett Brothers Live at Radio City, October 13, 2010

Porter got us tickets to the Avett Brothers' show at Radio City Music Hall that ended a few hours ago.  It. Was. Awesome. Paleface and the great Langhorne Slim even sang with 'em!  Something also awesome? The fact that you can record an entire concert on your iPhone and feel like a professional fan.  

Click here to download my 15 favorites (they're m4a files, so they should play in iTunes or Quicktime). (If nothing else, you have to hear Murder in the City and I and Love and You).

Also, be sure to buy the new Avett Brothers' Live CD/DVD combo.  They're talented, great-looking, energetic little buggers who you should see movin' around.

(The guy down the aisle left this little pile of treasure including a few Bud Lites that didn't make it into the frame).  


  1. Christina says:

    Thanks for the tip and the music!

  2. Lo says:

    Thanks for posting this! I just love your blog, and the Avett Bros. I saw them at a free outdoor show a couple years ago in Detroit and I haven't been the same since.

    Please stop by my blog any time!


  3. mlp says:

    Yes! Thanks for sharing your recordings, it was an excellent show! Those boys have some serious herky jerky moves. Love them! And love your blog!!


  4. Scotty Avett isn't too shabby of an artist either. You guys should check him out.

  5. Tavarua says:

    Great post - as always...

  6. ooohhh..thank you thank you for sharing!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great. Thanks for putting these up. I was at the Boston show a couple nights previous. (and was at the Boston show last year, as well as Newport FF). Great sound on this recording. Cheers,

  8. Vienna says:

    Oh Hollister, thank you so much for putting your recordings up!! We flew down to Raleigh to see them the weekend right before these concerts and they were so amazing we were so tempted to go again to Radio City. After hearing them again and the energy of I and Love and You in NY I wish we had!


  9. V -- cannot imagine how fun the Raleigh show must've been. Saw Anne Browning at the show here!

  10. Sara Ann says:

    just found your download! i'm going to see them in march in athens (ga that is) and listening to this show is getting me super excited (as if i wasn't already!) thanks for being a professional fan