For the Birds

After roughly 4,564 trips to New Haven in the last couple years (I'm there more than I'm on the Upper West Side!), I still hadn't been to the Peabody Museum of Natural History -- until last Saturday.  It's relatively small (manageable) and totally great.  Making things even cooler, most of the dinosaurs were dug up on Yale expeditions.  Can you imagine?  Mom: How's class this semester.  Kid: Pretty good. We found a triceratops on Wednesday.  They also have one freakin' huge, three-legged turtle (one was bitten off, he wasn't born a tri-ped) and a load of amazing birds.  Here are some creepy, yet pretty close ups of those guys.


  1. I need to get back to New Haven. Between this place, the YCBA, and Louis Lunch, it is a great day waiting to happen.