Ebay Shopping | Invitation to Hunt

I suppose if you own a hunting palace or the like, it'd be appropriate to have professional hunting invitations on hand. (I love how this person ordered enough supply to last him the entire end of the 19th century up through WWI - i.e. the crossed out 18).  How cool.  You'll be almost a century late to the party, but this invite can be yours if you've got about 10 bucks.  Auction ends Tuesday.


  1. I have a great collection of antique invitations that never made it to the intended. Have thought that someday I will mix and match them for a party we host. Thanks for reminded me of them...might have to throw a grand elegant dinner party together. No guns, bows or slingshots needed!

  2. Maia says:

    The illustration itself is worth keeping...but then, I'm an illustrator.