Acquisitions | Penny Loafers

Not surprisingly these look like total man feet, but they are my feet, in my new men's Cole Haan penny loafers (I was gonna go for Weejuns, but they seem to go up even higher on the arch).  They'll look better after I destroy them, of course.


  1. Unknown says:

    OMG, HH. I'm rockin' my Air Barretts as we speak. LOVE that you have your pennies in too. Now the true test of your prep/trad acumen is whether you have a penny from the year you were born in the left shoe and a penny from the year you bought the shoes in the right. It's for good luck. Did you pass or do I have to rip up your prep princess points? LOL

  2. JMW says:

    Very cool! Love the cords, too.

  3. ADG says:

    My green "John Deer" cordovan loafers should be rolling in from Yuketen real soon. Nothing like an enduring pair of pennies.

  4. jones says:

    Love the loafers and the cords.

  5. of course! Totally love them & have since the 60's. But where's your penny for good-luck?

  6. ooops... I'm redic, the penny is there

    / :

  7. wow squeaky clean. Look great though. Was the pic taken at the Hove ice cream shop?

    1) walk through a field (or large patch of grass) when the dew is out
    2) walk a dusty road near said grass
    3) throw in the back of the car for a bit- forget them
    4) bonus points if a lab or spaniel finds a new chew toy
    5) dust off
    6) put shoe trees in so they dont get the hated ripple on top of toe box
    7) repeat

    Great cords....

  8. Unknown says:

    Why did you get the mens version, and how does the sizing work?

  9. Unknown says:

    Why did you get the mens version, and how does the sizing work?