SS11 | Chris Benz

So much of the spring fashion has been white and beige, two colors of which I can normally never get enough, but both Timo Weiland and Chris Benz cooked up batches of adorable vintage-inspired brights - and it was literally sorbet for the achin' eyes. Both were "presentations" where the models stand there so you can examine the fabrics, details and how tiny their necks are (most are roughly the size of man's wrist).  But it's quite wonderful to see the whole collection collected in one batch - like looking at a group of eccentric, well-dressed girlfriends (and boyfriends, in the Timo Weiland case) hanging out to discuss their tiny neck circumference, complete lack of moles and utterly achin' feet. It's quite hard not to touch them, frankly. Here we have Chris Benz.  (Check out New York Magazine's fun behind-the-scenes look at the hair and makeup).

(Photos by Hollister H. Hovey)


  1. Oh! It was just adorable!! And fun seeing Susan Serandon.

  2. you are such a good photographer! love these.