Opening Ceremony + Deyrolle doing Hermès-ish/McQueen-ish Silk Scarves

The Fashion's Night Out emails are starting to enduce head spins. I just need to know who's serving the most/best booze...who's got Lee Pace or Dominic West on an invite list (probably nobody, which is a good thing technically)...and who's got a purse at which I want to throw a month's rent on a night where it will be impossible to even belly up to a cash register.  Where to start?!  Well, despite its proximity to Herald Square and the likely lack of Pace/West appearances, the Opening Ceremony shop at the Ace Hotel (29th and Broadway) is probably the best target.  They're focused on France now and will be unveiling a bunch of amazing collaborations including Jean Paul Gautier and...DEYROLLE, Paris' little taxidermilogical phoenix!  Thank goodness the great twins behind Identical Eye are better at reading their Fashion's Night Out emails than I.  They've got the full scoop.


  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Wow! These scarves are fantastic!

  3. How fun! Except we are not nearly as cool as you two, and didn't get any emails about F.N.O. Just did a little research on O.C's blog! Maybe we'll see you out and I (Karen) can finally meet the Hovey's!

  4. That would be so fun! I'll be at OC early!

  5. Maia says:

    Oh, great. I had only just managed to banish Lee Pace's eyelashes from my conscious mind.

  6. I seriously need that top scarf. I shouldn't have looked right before bed.
    But Thanks so much for giving me something wonderful to nod off to...eventually...anytime now... well, soon.