Lactose Tolerance

The cheese binge continues. My friend and I met up with artist Max Toth for a quick lunch feast of cheese-laden greatness at New Haven's venerable cheese powerhouse: Caseus. Every bite was extraordinary. There was the amazing burrata, prosciutto and grilled peach salad...the P.F.T. (prosciutto Americano from La Quercia, sliced figs and taleggio cheese) - which is even better with Sriracha hot sauce...the grilled cheese with jamon made on bread slices so thick it makes Texas toast look like, er, Rhode Island/other tiny state toast...and a cheese tart with onions that was like eating a savory, foamier version of creme brulee...and fries with the house-made mayo...and miraculously, green beans (ok -- lots of other green leafy things were on the table, too). If you're up there, you must go (and say hello to owner Jason Sobocinski, the nicest cheese purveyor in the world).

Caseus, 93 Whitney Ave., New Haven, CT (or look out for the Grilled Cheese Truck cruisin around town, too).

Incidentally, Max is busy painting more incredible, gigantic scenes of coming-of-age shenanigans for his upcoming show at the Good Children Gallery in New Orleans.  The opening's on Dec. 11, if you're around. (He and some friends put together this great promo for his Little Beasts show at Fredericks and Freiser in New York last year. Check it out.)


  1. Aron says:

    I suffer from the same disease. I just ate and now I'm hungry again.