VMI - Before the High and Tight Era

I've been prodding a co-worker to grow out his hair a bit so some small fluffy bits would poke out if he wore a baseball hat.  He's absolutely against this and came in with yet another very short haircut that I compared to a high and tight.  You look like you've stepped right out of VMI (the Virginia Military Institute, which sits roughly 100 feet from the shaggy hair capital of the world, Washington & Lee, my alma mater), I said.  This made him very mad - and it made him even more mad when I showed him pictures of modern day cadets.  But then I found these.  Minus collar boy above, these guys almost look like hippies - or W&L students.

Cadets circa 1920

New Year's Eve 1893


  1. Wonderful pics. -VMI, Huh? Super school and Virginia's a great place to study and live, isn't it? -Especially The Piedmont and Shenandoah Valley areas.

  2. Lots of cousins and relatives of mine went to VMI. They are still mad that it was forced to go co-ed. Great photos, and I always love a man in a uniform...

  3. What was it exactly about the modern day cadets that made him "mad"?