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While clickin' around on the internets earlier today, I came across this fantastic military repro and deadstock militaria site - What Price Glory.  This doesn't even cover the British wash basins or Black Watch jodhpurs (which would be awesome on the ladies, a bit much for the gents).

Very popular with paratroopers (also very popular with French farmers after D-Day), this is the pattern with the leather strap and buckle on the inside of the wrist.

WPG had recreated the classic white turtleneck sweater commonly associated with submarine and small boat crews. It was also highly popular with the RAF.

This heavy leather dispatch and map case by WPG is a beautiful recreation of the original item that will last through many many years of heavy campaigning.

№ 4 Tent, $90

WPG has found a time capsule containing a quantity of original US mountain boots. These are the late pattern with cleated rubber soles. These boots are in used condition, but show little wear and are still serviceable. The best ones go out first. The laces and felt insoles have gone missing, but we will provide repro laces and some felt pads that you can cut to fit in the boots.

WPG has discovered that the Indian Army still produces PT shoes that are nearly identical to WWII British plimsolls. We have acquired a small lot in new unissued condition, and we're trying to get more.

This private purchase covered watchband was a favorite of all GI's, especially paratroopers. Made slightly longer than originals to accomodate today's wrist sizes.

This is the sweater immortalized in the WWII cartoon series "The Two Types." A heavy weight all wool sweater popular with British officers on the Northwest Frontier, it was worn in the Western Desert in WWII as a sign that the wearer had "been there," as opposed to being fresh from Blighty. Two front chest pockets, epaulets for wearing rank slides, cotton elbow patches.

(Italicized copy stolen verbatim from WPG).


  1. The North Sea Clothing Submariner sweater (err..jumper) is also really damn nice.


  2. K says:

    I love the watchband with cover - what a clever and chic idea.

  3. Look at this beige also!

  4. j.mosby says:

    Have look at his leather Chaplis sandals and jodpur boots great prices! Also he has a new British offiers haversack that would make a great messenger bag.
    Check out the British Gurka shorts pants etc. Note when buying you might want to order a size up.

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  6. Well;
    Luv the gloves alas, my trusty steed would probably not approve.
    They are rully, rully great though!

    I fear if I show up to ride in a pair of those he may throw me!


  7. Unknown says:

    Those Khaki items would look great with these leather, but ethical, accessories:


    - Style Section LA

  8. Theo says:

    Hovey! this was my secret resource for so long, but no more!