1. Unknown says:

    I will take one of each in adult size 6, please!

  2. Suse says:

    Don't have kids but would surely reconsider, now!

  3. I don't have 'em either! It's lovely to have those pre-motherhood blinders that allow you to believe in world in which there are neither plastic toys nor ice cream spills on linen onesies!

  4. The Army Ration lunchbox has captured my heart.

  5. I love that little ration box!

  6. if that lunch box is the one made by Sigg (and it looks like it is) it is only good for dry food. It has a rubber gasket seal around the lid but still leaks like the dickens. It's a bit small for a lunch box anyhow, more like a sandwich holder.

    Thanks for pointing out Polarn O. Pyret however, just bought a few things for the tykes.