Brooklyn Moonshine

Kings County Distillery - NYC's first whiskey distillery since prohibition (not to be confused with Tuthilltown Spirits, which is the first to make that claim in NY state) - is now pumping out its own moonshine, America's true small batch spirit!  It's made with organic corn grown near the Finger Lakes with a little malted Scottish barley.  They only make 2.5 gallons a day.  $20 bucks/flask.


  1. Karena says:

    Facsinating!! Great for the manly man!

    Art by Karena

  2. Unknown says:

    Down in darkest Virginia we've had Rick Wasmund's various artisanal 'Copper Fox' whiskeys since 2006; he says he is the only person still also malting his own barley.

  3. Hollister, you should check out a little store here in Vancouver called Mr. Lee's general store. I think you'd love it! They have a website!


  4. Linenqueen - on the blog? If yes, that's horrendous!

    And Morgan -- Mr. Lee's looks perfect!