Scenes from Megunticook Lake and Camden and other Maine-ish Bits

And...we're back - completely blessed to have missed the inferno that was last week.  We wore sweaters in the mornings, swam in the warm lake in the afternoons, ate at least five lobsters each (mostly rolls, but one, as you can see below, in full semi-soft shelled/full bodied glory) and even went sailing on a big wooden scooner.  (Above is the Welcome to Camden/Rockport Arch that also welcomed everyone to Peyton Place).

Camden Harbor at dusk

Porter, making a great leap, seemingly without arms.  I, unfortunately, did something similar -- but with my glasses on my face.  I only realized that mistake 15 minutes later after emerging form the water and blindly crawling all over the dock in pointless search.  Then I cried.  Then my uncle borrowed a snorkeling mask from the neighbors and miraculously plucked them from the bottom of Megunticook Lake on his first attempt.

Commodore Al Osgood, father to my uncle Al Osgood!

Porter runs the ridge along the blueberry fields.

Vintage books in the back room of the wonderful Goose River Exchange in Camden.  We made a very, very special purchase here! (It will be unveiled in the next post).

We stocked up on bacon so deeply smoked that it doesn't require refridgeration...and lots of rhubarb strawberry jam at Beth's Farm Market.

Porter chases cousin Hudson on the dock.  He flees.


  1. That's a very bright red lobster.

    Looks like a wonderful trip.

  2. TWJ says:

    I love this iphone picture app. It looks like you ladies had a great time.

  3. Giuseppe says:

    I'm headed up that way for the wedding of an old friend next month. From the look of these pictures, I guess I can't wait.

  4. So cool to see the original "Peyton Place" sign! I was young when the show hit TV, but I was always intrigued. I'm originally from KC, too. I love following your blog, such a departure from most!


  5. gretchen says:

    you just made me hungry...

    nice post, thanks for sharing!

  6. Your Uncle is the man! Should've included a pic of him coming up from the depths, glasses in hand.

  7. i love maine, and i love this post. it's great seeing two sisters enjoying themselves in my favorite american state. enjoy your purchases!

  8. Just finished Rules Of Attraction again... The arch to Camden... awesome.

  9. looks so perfect. glad you found your glasses. i lost mine the other day and am devastated! (and blind)