Maine Acquisitions Pt. 1 | Bear + PO Boxes

There amongst all the books and old prints at Goose River Exchange hung this wonderful little guy.  We made an offer - and now he's ours!  We'll call him Camden.  A very nice name for a bear.  We're still tryting to find the perfect home for him and this amazing section of old post office boxes (they're about 4.5 feet tall) that we picked up from the Rockport Antiques Mall.  Installation photos pending!


  1. What great finds Hollister! Can't wait to see where you put them.
    Also, I will have you know that I have my eyes peeled for Porter in this new season of Mad Men. Did you watch? It was amazing.

  2. I love Camden... and the entire surrounding coast! Your finds make me even more excited for my trip up there in a few weeks. Looking forward to seeing where the post boxes lay to roost.

  3. Something tells me that Camden needs a sassy hat once he is settled into his new home ;)

  4. Those are so cool! Made me realize I need to give a name to my antelope on my wall.

  5. i'm very jealous of your bear. and all your other animals.
    check out my blog, where i included you all in a post named "embracing taxidermy."
    also, i have a deer foot wall hook in my etsy shop that i think would reside perfectly in your abode. check it out!