As Seen Through the Ferry Window, East River, Wednesday, 7:15 p.m.

(Pretty cool!)


  1. TWJ says:

    She looks like the sloop here in Norfolk, VA on the Elizabeth River and there is also a smaller one on the York River.

    Yours or Porter's pic? Really majestic

  2. jones says:

    So beautiful. Almost like a ghost ship. Thanks. Mary

  3. Author says:

    It must have appeared mirage-like after your travels.

  4. J. says:

    I love this pic, it is really beautiful!

  5. Rebeccak says:

    Wow!!! that is incredible. It is like a dream!

  6. I do believe that's the Pioneer.

    You can take a ride on her from the South Street Seaport during the summer. Also, you can charter her. One of my favorite NY moments ever was quietly sneaking up on the Statue of Liberty at night on the Pioneer with a cold brew in my hand.