Acquisition: '20s/'30s Wicker Folding Chair

On the unbearably sweaty walk home last night, I came across a guy selling a bunch of old DVDs -- and this incredible old picnic/beach wicker folding chair on East 14th Street.  Praying for any number under $50, I asked how much he wanted for it.  $5!  I almost fell over.  It's missing one of its straps, but otherwise is perfect! 


  1. been looking for a name fo r these. or mre backstory.... we have 2. so killer.

  2. oh man. only in NYC. love your 'new' (to me) wall color.

  3. Janet says:

    Beautiful! A treat on a hot day. Better than ice cream

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have a couple of them as well. They've seen me through many a cricket match and picnic. Frankly, they are nice, but are a bit low for me anymore- if you find you (or anyone else) wants 2 in great shape I'll be putting them up for sale- etsy or direct.

  5. Lisa says:

    Are you wishing for the weather of your January 23, 2009 post?

  6. gretchen says:

    oh, good score!
    you could use an old belt to replace the missing strap...

  7. JMW says:

    Very cool chair!

  8. jones says:

    That chair is to-die-for! Who needs two straps? I love the new color--goes with the chair. Mary

  9. love this! i can't wait to come over and see your apartment makeover!

  10. God, I love those random street finds. And it looks like it's perfect to bring along on picnics and such.

  11. Utellme says:

    I found one of these, replete with leather straps and compartment under the seat, at a Pic 'N Save here in the Los Angeles (Culver City?) area back in the early-mid '90s. I love it. It was new, but made in the '20s-'30s style, probably for fishing. It is still in perfect condition. So much fun at the beach with people staring wondering where I got it. It probably cost me $15-$20 bucks.

  12. Utellme says:

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