The Never-Ending Apartment Switcharoo

Until I actually buy new furniture, this will be the last glimpse of the same old objects in new positions. But until then...

When we did the black-to-blue conversion, we moved the chesterfield under the mirror and separated the seating arrangements in the living room. But it never really felt - liveable. The couch became a precious accessory meant for gazing upon, not lounging upon. Frankly, it meant very awkward cocktailing/entertaining (which is unacceptable). So, the couch is back in its original home in the middle of the apartment and the industrial steel table and marble slab (that used to support the pharmacy cabinet/swan diorama in the dining room) are holding tchotchkes beneath the mirror. Guests can finally drink in comfort once again. Phew.


  1. I am so glad that I am not the only one what is always moving things around. It's a never- ending process for sure. It will never ever be "done" or stay the same for too long!

  2. TRAVIS says:

    I like that shade of blue - it's one part of my residential college's colors. Though I suppose that's a bias ; )