Best of Resort 2011: One Ensemble from YSL

The shows continue, but so far, this is all I like (being a bit hyper-critical and picky, yes). It's YSL. It's French-looking. It's chic. It's appropriate for a summery vacation.

(The Chanel show was terrifying...Burberry Prorsum had some great looking outfits, but they made me sweaty just by looking at them...Donna Karan had sexy dresses, but they look just like everything she's been doing lately...and Bottega Veneta, my usual can-do-nothing-wrong label, has some neon Balenciaga/Prada scuba knocks offs that just don't match anything else in the entire BV world and will not even be able to hang at the flagship without raising eyebrows).


  1. Laura says:

    Thank you! I felt like all of the critiques of Chanel were so positive and I was left thinking Huh?

  2. Ashley says:

    the resort shows have not been very inspiring...

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love that picture. The look of the 40's when glamor first entered my consciousness through the miracle of movies. I left my humble middle class environment and my working class parents and entered the spectacular world of wealth, taste and talent. One's slip, panties and bra all matched. One slept in a boudoir not a bedroom, never appeared in public without stockings and high heels and best of all, one always served cocktails before dinner. My family didn't even know about that ritual let along subscribe to it. Mores the pity. Now it is all too late. Styles change, life evolves. Ann