007 1964 DB5

A lot of the cross-generational conversation in my family centers around very important topics...like celebrities - those who are most attractive and/or unattractive...those we've seen from a distance...and in somewhat rare cases, those we've actually met. With the latter, there tends to be a hint of competition as to who in the fam is meeting those in the right part of the former. So, one January, my aunt (my dad's half sister) returned from Norfolk, England where she'd been visiting her half brother on her dad's side - armed with the greatest celebrity sighting ammo of all time. She'd attended a holiday ball - along with Princes Wills and Harry. Who could top that? "Oh, that's nothing," Grandma said. "I was in Nassau and had dinner with Sean Connery."

So: James Bond > Royal Family

While grandma got to sit next to 007, someone with $5M can drive his car. His 1964 Aston Martin (with all of Q's fixins) goes on the block Oct. 27 in London at RM Auctions.


  1. For one-upmanship, your grandma is right -- Sean Connery does trump the royal family.

    I particularly like the car phone in the DB5.

  2. Anonymous says:

    better yet, James Bond is also Indiana Jone's father. No one can beat that.

  3. Author says:

    Great looking car! Who have you met?

  4. Brohammas - you're right! I stood near old man Connery at a kilt event. Very tall. Everything you'd expect.

    Author - most recently I stared intensely at John Hamm until he winked at me just to make me stop. It made my day. He, too, is everything you'd expect. Tall and a smoker. (No words were shared).

    When Porter was photographing parties for index magazine back in college, Vincent Gallo started shouting at her. Then some gal stabbed the top of her foot with her stiletto (an accident). She walked away and found a place to sit and cry. The man next to her tried to comfort her. It was Boy George. (Vincent was at index's party, but also furious at the magazine for giving a recent cover to Tom Ford over him, according to sources close to the matter).

  5. One of these - with machine guns, if possible - would do nicely. Also - while we're talking about superhumanly cool Scots - Jackie Stewart. Never met him, but I did see him race. I'd give my eye teeth to shoot some clays with him.

  6. Author says:

    Great stories about your & Porter's brush with famous people. Since I work in antiques, I get some of these as well, and they are always interesting to say the least.

    One never quite really knows how to handle oneself in these matters somehow - but it is always interesting.

  7. K says:

    Jon Hamm, lucky girl!
    Who doesn't love an Aston Martin?

  8. beth says:

    What a car! Regarding your apartment, I have to admit that I preferred the dark wall colour. Although it is probably more pleasant to live in the tiffany blue, the black set off your objets d'art to perfection :)

  9. i think i would drive this...

  10. Absolutely fabulous, including the back story. ;0)

    Catherine + Richard

  11. Sir Sean definitively beats the royals. Also, that is my favorite Bond car.

    I met Prince Harry while on holiday in London with my family when we were both young lads. We were in Turnbull & Asser, where my much older brother was having shirts made. Low and behold, Prince Harry stepped in the front store to purchase some neck wear, which is what I was doing. The gentleman from the shop introduced us and we chatted about ties. Harry seemed like a well adjusted fellow at the time. That's my brush with royalty. Oh yeah, he wanted to buy the tie I still have, classic blue and green check.