Drinking/Eating in LA | Cole's

In a move of major brilliance/responsibility, I lost my drivers license somewhere between JFK security and the gate. So, no rental car for us. But staying downtown has been quite freaking great. Last night, we threw a couple back at Cole's, home of the original French dip. Unlike a lot of the great classic joints around the country, they've managed to keep the bar and cocktails quite artisanal (i.e. they have fabulous ice and lots of bitters), while maintaining authentic dignity.

118 East 6th Street
Downtown Los Angeles


  1. Have you been to the Roger Room in LA? Heaven ...

  2. Rose says:

    Ok, you are making LA look quite desirable!

  3. jones says:

    Hmmmmmm-now you are teaching me things about LA. It really is not so bad. Sorry about the Drivers License.

  4. Pitboss12 says:

    The bar and drinks at Cole's are good. However, many would say that Phillipe's is the originator of the sandwich.

    Do check out The Edison while in town. It's a fun place to drink and they have a good happy hour.

    Both Phillipe's and the Edison are Downtown.


  5. Me says:

    Did you get a chance to check out the little speakeasy, Varnish in the back of Cole's? I had the most delicious cocktail there a couple weeks ago called The Penicillin.

  6. dulci says:

    oh man - gotta try this one next time I'm on the west sideeeeee.