Acquisitions | New Specs, Plates, Perfume and iPhone App

{1} I clearly developed a sick addiction to the ShakeIt Polaroid app, but that, it turns out, is a mere gateway drug to the more potent CameraBag. Not only can you add fadey edges and a nice white border to your pic (choose "Lolo") can choose "Instant" and get a nice fat portion at the bottom, just like the real thing. For this one, I went with "1974." CameraBag app - $1.99 from the iTunes App Store.

{2} In a drastic move away from my tortoise RayBan Wayfarers, I've purchased tortoise glasses that look almost like Wayfarers, only with thicker stems from SEE on Bleeker Street. I feel absolutely transformed.

{3} Hermès' new, fresh unisex scent, Voyage d’Hermès, is perfect for summer...or a picnic in Versailles.

{4} Anthropologie’s From the Deep plates help Porter and me ramp our growing obsession with blue and white. Dinner plates, $24.


  1. I, too, found myself transfixed by the same plates at Anthropologie!


  2. such grace. never ceases to amaze.

  3. 不要讓挫敗把你擺平,再給自己一個機會,從新再出發.............................................

  4. TRAVIS says:

    Those glasses are killer.

  5. dulci says:

    Have you tried the Hipstamatic app?

    I highly recommend it...

  6. those tortoise glasses are stunning, i'm sure they look fab on you! & & that hermes perfume sounds dreamy.

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