DIY Tips | Rope Bangles

I saw these great bracelets made of rope, rubber bands (the kind for ponytails), torn fabric and nails at a boutique in Nolita last weekend and my acquisition urge hit me like a kick in the gut. But they cost $160 a pop. So, I thought, hey, I have, like, 1/8th of the necessary supplies at home. I'll make my own!

So I went home, cut off some straw rope, fastened the ends together (to make a circle) with athletic tape, smooshed the sides together and wrapped them in twine and hemp and then fastened the circly end bits with more twine. All of this would be more comfy with cotton rope, but it looks pretty cool. And it took 10 minutes, cost about a buck and will be fun for Earth Day.

Notes: (a) It turns out to be quite difficult to photograph one's hand/wrist in an aesthetically pleasing manner with an iPhone. (b) The nail polish unfortunately came out looking like plain old red, but it's actually this great 1970s refrigerator/terra cotta-ish hue from O-P-I called "Chop-sticking to My Story." I love it.


  1. Terrific project! And smartly accomplished. Why don't you wear them into that boutique and mention how inspiring the $60 version was?

  2. Very cool-- I'll have to try this. What a creative DIY!


  3. jones says:

    The bracelet is fantastic! On my MacBook, the nail polish is definitely orange-red. Have a great spring day. Mary