Austin Weekend | Hotel Saint Cecilia (aka Heaven)

Porter and I just got back from a glorious long weekend in Austin. We went in wanting nothing more than guacamole, beer/margaritas and a couple new (old) pairs of cowboy boots. We got all that and 80-degree/low humidity weather and four days in Texas paradise at the exceptional Hotel Saint Cecilia. Our friend, the ever tasteful David "Exit Lines" Coggins, told us there was no where else to stay - and that owner Liz Lambert was one of the greatest people to meet (across the board). He was right. It was just perfection.

The beautiful patio - perfect for breakfasting or cocktailing. (Porter's wearing her new vintage ostrich cowboy boots from Texas Custom Boots at 1601 South First Street)

The soulful pool with initially perilous rocking lounges and bean bags.

The outdoor chesterfield outside the lounge.

The view of the courtyard, the old live oak and the mascot Citro├źn from our private balcony. It was like living in a tree house for four days.

A little Proseco poolside. A very lovely welcome gift from some very talented guys (more on that later). (Port's bikini is from H&M).

Inside the lounge.

Morning coffee.

Liz Lambert also owns the great San Jose around the corner on South Congress - and just opened the Havana in San Antonio.

(More on the rest of the trip to come!)


  1. this looks like SO much fun!!!! love the photos + the prosecco!

  2. Sara says:

    Oh that looks fabulous! What fun.

  3. the polaroids are perfect. the trip looks phenomenal. you girls make me long for a sister.

  4. Absolutely lovely. Next time I am in Austin I am absolutely going to book a room there. So dreamy!

  5. Vienna says:

    We want to head to Austin so badly and we'll definitely be staying there. I love your photos!

  6. I am having real trouble reading this. I lived in austin for 3 glorious years, and I can't even go back to visit now because it just makes me homesick beyond belief. Love Hotel Sant Cecilia. And south congress. And barton springs...I need to stop. I am going to really have to gird my loins before reading part 2. Glad you loved it though! It truly is paradise...

  7. Ell says:

    Y'all should come down to San Antonio, while you're in the area. I'd have suggested going to First Friday ( if it weren't so far off (the next one won't be until May 7th).

  8. Claire says:

    Oh, it looks so good. I hope I can go to Austin one day just to stay there!