That's Amore | Abici Bikes

Yesterday, I saw a gal pedaling around on what looked like a bright orange Pashley with a brown Brooks saddle - and almost fell over. No clue what brand it was, but it may as well have been one of these Neopolitan-colored beauts from Italian bike maker Abici. I've always had trouble understanding who would buy a black Vespa - and now the same burden has hit with bicycles, too.


  1. You should see the amount of coloured bicycles here in Amsterdam. Mine is apple green!

  2. Jocy says:

    Gorgeous bikes. Yes, bikes in Amsterdam introduced me to stylish bike riders.

  3. jkh says:

    same same but different.

    slightly different frame geometry. a touch more dynamic and refined.

  4. Unknown says:

    thank you for this! yet another company to covet a bicycle from...

  5. makes me wish Laguna was more bike friendly!

  6. Black vespas are just so sad. That's why I ride an orange one!

  7. M3 says:

    oh the blue one is nice :)
    but the others ? :S