Wedding at Belmont Free Church, Surrey, 1931

Groom and groomsmen in scouting uniforms! From the Sutton Archives.


  1. Unknown says:


    I grew up not 3 miles from Belmont in Surrey, UK.

    I've never heard of such a thing as marrying in a scout uniform (and I was in the scouts!).

    I can assure you it's not common practise in England.

    A fascinating video from a beautiful blog. Thank you.


  2. Do people even marry in England anymore? Or the US? I've heard it's a rapidly declining practise, especially in England, the US, and Europe. At least we'll have these archived films to remind ourselves of what came so easily and naturally to our great-grandparents and ancestors.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful footage! So much to see-the smiling thrilled bride, who clearly married for love, the groom, shy to have his close up taken, the children, the outfits the women wore, the hats on the men(check out the father of the bride), the uniforms, even the bystanders-check out the cute guy at about 00:29. Thanks so much for this charming vid!

  4. Kim says:

    There's something bittersweet about watching this video knowing that the coming war would reshape the landscape of the UK - and mark the end of the largest empire the world has ever known.