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RDD USA, one of my favorite sources, helps soldiers and citizens dress for pennies. While the average size of a U.S. Navy Seal is something like 5'7", soldiers in Sweden are all apparently around 8'7" with broad shoulders (I really wish I knew more Swedish soldiers), so err on the small side when ordering. It can be hit or miss, but that's ok when you get a great jacket for around $10.

{1} Military Russian Tank Top Telnyashka Type G.I, $15.90

{2} Italian web cotton belt, $5.90

{3} Swedish OD Work Jacket (used), $10.90

{4} French Wool V-Neck, $8.90

{5} Swedish OD Work Jacket, $10.90

{6} Swedish Off-White Parka, $13.90


  1. jkh says:

    hollister. finally! swedish military clothing is one of the last design classics yet widely undiscovered. - marvelously cut with lots of suttle details. - real designer pieces - only that the designer is completely unknown. but one can feel that there is something going on. ... everybody with only the slightest appreciation of well crafted and unconventionally yet elegant designed casual wear has to have alt least one Swedish M-59 Field Jacket (or work jacket as hollister calls it). and for winter it also come in loden. - amazing stuff! - if you do not yet know these things, get, get, get them: a discovery that will surely make your day and might even change your life...

  2. jkh says:

    here is a link to give you a better idea of the unique iconography of these products


    Product Number: 0112 - winter version of the jacket

    Product Number: 0118 / - m59-jacket

  3. Atrocious. This clothing looks inspired by Red China. Just because your economy is gone to hell and the country has a radical far-left regime in power doesn't mean you need to dress like Chinese peasants. There's no excuse.

  4. Jonathan says:

    this blog attracts some pretentious twits.

  5. Maia says:

    AMAZING! The french T and white parka are perfect staples. That white parka reminds me of the gorgeous 10th Mountain Division uniforms.

  6. Maia says:

    And, I second Jonathan.

  7. Emily says:

    yess thanks for the tip. I just went nuts on that site and am currently awaiting my package.

  8. jkh says:

    so, so... "pretentious", hu?

    do as i say and get yourself the M-59 and you will be a believer too.

  9. Unknown says:

    This stuff is great, I just got my package.

    Now the question HHH... how to get the funky smell out?

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