HHH Shopping Guide | If You, Too, Painted Your Apartment Baby Blue

It's amazing how a fresh paint job and a little furniture scooting can open the mind to a whole new plethora of purchases. Here are a few that might be a teeny, tiny bit more practical than a Céline bag (albeit not that practical or remotely necessary at all):

{1} Quiet Monkey Decoupage Tray, John Derian, $175

{2} WM Hocker makes the most exquisitely fun toy soldiers. Here’s a 12-piece Anglo-Indian Polo Match for $320

{3} Wool and cashmere pillow, Hermès, $580

{4} I’ve just requested a sample of this Capetown Antelope carpet from Myers Carpet and Flooring in Dalton, Georgia. It’s $43.93/square yard and they’ll make it into a rug. You buy the full width (13’2”) and go as long as you can fit and/or afford, I suppose.

{5} In the absence of doors for my bedroom: Deep Sea Curtain by Thomas Paul, Anthropologie, $208-$268 per panel


  1. I love that print, and have been hunting a retailer or manuf. for some time. Thanks for the resourse.

  2. I have the carpet and adore it - it hides everything. And, really, Hollister, you need that pillow.

  3. Unknown says:

    The pillow, and the octupus (pi?) fabric...the best!

  4. I am absolutely MAD for those curtains.


    S.S. DOBBS

  5. mb says:

    Ditto on what Mrs. Blandings said. I have the carpet and it fabulous, and yes, it hides everything.

    from Texas.