HHH Shopping Guide | Treats for Your Lover on Feb. 15

No matter how marriages and partnerships are very much more equal these days, Valentine's Day - in my mind - will always be a day for the men to dote and buy stuff. The women then reward said generosity in their own special little ways. One way would be to do the following (probably following some other sorts of treats):

{1} Purchase Le Creuset® 9 ½ qt. Red Oval French Oven (Sur La Table, $329.95)...(you could go with one of the smaller ones, but the following will be so enticing that you'll want to re-do over and over for huge dinner parties, so go ahead and invest in the big one).

{2} Use Le Creuset French Oven to prepare the world’s most tender, saucy, stringy, melt-in-your-mouth meat dish: Balthazar braised beef short ribs.

{3} Serve with high ball of Nikka Whisky from the Barrel (The Whisky Exchange, £25.53) - but leave the bottle out because 1. He'll probably want refills and 2. That bottle's too beautiful to hide.


  1. Rupinder says:

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  2. 抽菸 says:

    灰心是動搖的開端,動搖是失敗的近鄰。 ..................................................

  3. Anonymous says:

    Need more ideas for men! Love the ones above, though.

  4. Aron says:

    Japanese whisky? Sounds interesting. Not sure what to make of description on the web site: "Smells Japanese. Like old wooden Japanese homes." Guess I'll just have to go try some myself!
    (Or... Wife... Are you reading this?)

  5. Karena says:

    Great suggestions, very classic! Love the Le Creuset! Yea for the men in our lives!

  6. Stacey says:

    Everything about this says "love!"

  7. Now if I could just get a Balthazar seafood tower to with this....thank you very much.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tip: There is alot of Le Creuset really cheap on Amazon. I think alot of them are discontinued colors but they are fabulous none the less. I was planning on buying some around Christmas but was leaving the country for 4 months and thought my money could be better spent elsewhere. I think this will be a quick purchase when I get back though :) They are so amazing.

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