HHH Shopping Guide | Treats for Your Lover

{1} The world's greatest ice cream (er, gelato) flavor combination - deep, dark West African chocolate with jalapeño. Chocolate jalapeño gelato, $6.99/pint, Ciao Bella.

{2} The Perfect Red (thank you, Amber Doyle). M.A.C. lipstick in Chili, M.A.C., $14

{3} TOKYOMILK Rose with Bees Bubble Bath, Floral Art L.A., $26

{4} Dolce & Gabbana Nylon & Raffia Body Suit, Dolce & Gabbana Boutiques, $1,195

{5} While she wasn’t quite as forward as Eva Marie Saint is with Cary Grant on that train, I always loved how Grace Kelly whipped out her utterly prim and proper Mark Cross overnight bag, stuffed to the gills with silk lingerie to put on a show for Jimmy in Rear Window. This, while a tad less subtle, but could probably do the job today. Valextra Small Boston Bag in Rosso Red, Barneys New York, $1,790

{6} A bit of a lover’s cliché, but I’d rip off my right arm for one (just need one arm to wear it properly). Cartier Love Bracelet in yellow gold, Cartier, $3,850

{7} Everyday I Love You wafer notebook, Smythson, $52


  1. Yes, please. I'll take one of each.

    TOKYOMILK has the best packaging.

  2. you always find the loveliest things. the notebook is wonderful.

  3. Ah, love the Eva Marie Saint reference, she was always my favorite of the Hitchock ice queens - actually, not that icy now that I'm thinking of that train scene!

  4. Stacey says:

    Thanks for the tip on Ciao Bella! My favorite is Graeter's Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, but I'm a Cincy girl.

  5. this seems like all the necessary objects for a romantic night... will link it on my V-day Friday post...

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would rip an arm off for that Cartier as well.

  7. Author says:

    Would love to see what you suggest for the men.

  8. Brandi says:

    I looooovvvve Ciao Bella... the chocolate hazlenut is to die for

  9. I love all things Smythson. Must try that Ciao Bella flavor! That Mark Cross overnight bag belongs in a vitrine, yes?! :-)

  10. Leciawp says:

    Your guides are always so awesome! Love that overnight bag so much. And I am a total Ciao Bella addict!

  11. Maia says:

    My mum was a big fan of Mark Cross. The red bag also reminds me of Margot Tenenbaum's fabulous stack of red luggage.

  12. holly says:

    I might lose a limb to get that cartier bracelet as well...I've had the picture tossed around here for ten years and still no bracelet. SOME DAY....nice list of things to lust after....Love IT!

  13. cl says:

    Love the Tokyomilk suggestion. Candles, a warm bath with bottles, a cup of tea, and music... a piece of heaven if you ask me =)

  14. addi says:

    Thanks for your classic tips,but My favorite is Graeter's Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, but I'm a Cincy girlLegitimate Work From Home

  15. Maryly says:

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