Friday Scrum | Oldham v. Swinton 1901

This is part of the great Mitchell & Kenyon Collection, the largest existing collection of early non-fiction films, uncovered while a couple guys were cleaning out a shop basement in Blackburn in 1995. It offrs a great look at Edwardian England - and it's sports. Check it out on the BFI’s YouTube channel.


  1. HOBAC says:

    And here I thought I was going to see Tilda giving Todd a sound thrashing.

  2. brohammas says:

    You have no idea how beautiful this is to a rugby fan.

    Good to know where you have come from.

  3. Stacey says:

    I think I remember this! Did you show a "Snow" video with trains, also from BFI? I forgot all about this brilliant resource! Thanks for posting - I can always use a good trip to Edwardian England! Cheers! Happy Thursday!

  4. Thanks. Glad I found this just by fluke skipping through your great blog. My Grandfather, long since passed away, played for Swinton then and I now live in Oldham. My son is still playing Rugby so the tradition goes on.