Tunes | Louvin Brothers - I Don't Believe You Met My Baby

The Louvin Brothers, sibling harmony the old way.  My favorite way.  I like 'em most when they sing their murder ballads, but love songs go down almost just as nice.  We usually truck our friends over to apartment after consuming gallons of Liquid Gold (the world's most evil hangover maker) at Fette Sau, blast this song and run around poking each other with gun cleaners.


  1. Greg says:

    cool to see you mention liquid gold. i'm an employee at Captain Lawrence brewing and stop by here often for a good read...glad you like the beer.

  2. It's good stuff, Greg! So good that no matter how many of us go to Fette Sau, we always order three gallons. Three gallons for 4 people; three gallons for 8. Perhaps that's what's leading to the hangovers :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    gotta love the louvins... i am from tn, and you can still see charlie walking around in bell buckle, tn from time to time... there used to be a louvin bros. museum in bell buckle, but they shut that sucker down. what a cryin' shame.

  4. I am so with you on this one. Most new cars, especially hybrids are hideous and while I love the Kia ad for it's passion, the SUV at the end is ...oy!

    what happened to the design of cars? even VWs are not what they use to be. I drive a '93 190E MB and love it's square shape - now they are all rounded and a MB looks like a Chrysler or vice versa.
    so here's to a return to better car design and I will take one of those vintage Rovers - thank you!

  5. That high lonesome sound!

    I like this place already. Pleased to get acquainted =)