The Flea Goes to the Bank

Not your average flea market experience in Brooklyn these days.  The Brooklyn Flea moved into the spectacular Williamsburgh Savings Bank (the one that's been converted into luxury condos in Fort Greene) for the frosty months - and, woah, this sure beats the playground (although, the goods seem to look better on the playground, as everything suffers by comparison when seen in this setting).  I'm still shocked that people live upstairs.  Can you imagine this as your dainty little lobby? 

A look inside the incredible - probably 5  ft. thick - vault door.

(And yes, I promise that the blog imagery will at least - to some degree - veer back to non-iPhone Polaroids someday.  Today's onslaught was a big much).


  1. Aron says:

    Isn’t it amazing! We went on opening weekend and were blown away. It’s true that suddenly all the wares seem to take on a new significance in this setting.
    Our pics from last weekend are at

  2. What an unrivaled space! I clicked the link and was disappointed (or, rather, had my suspicions confirmed) with the sterile, modern dwellings. You'd think in a building such as that, there would be a desire to include original details.

  3. Laura says:

    I've been curious about the new venue...the one last year was certainly less grand than this new spot! I pretended to be in the market for apartments a while back to tour the apartments upstairs...they really were delicious. Actual hallways! And heavy doors and fixtures! Heaven.

  4. Jen Hsieh says:

    the new venue is amazing! i haven't been to a flea market in years and now i'm craving to visit brooklyn! :)

  5. Amanda says:

    That is way cool! Love the picture of the vault

  6. My friend Carter had a booth up there this weekend, as well as one at the Garage. He's got a great eye.

  7. What incredible architecture. Would love to see more.

  8. subas says:

    it is so amazing.pretended to be in the market for apartments a while back to tour the apartments upstairs...they really were delicious.thanks.yeast infection

  9. What an amazing space. I enjoyed the tour!

  10. what beautiful photos!!!

  11. wow so exciting...sean told me about this the other day- must go this weekend...and i have to admit i like the quality of these pics!