Better-Late-Than-Never Resolutions for 2010

{1} Learn to sew (on a machine).  The problem with keeping this one will be the complete lack of pleasure associated with following patterns/directions, my inability to remember to put that little foot thing down and some life long struggles with finishing projects.  (However, in an attempt to start out on good footing - and to justify buying a sewing machine - I sat down yesterday and needle and threaded this little striped skirt for Porter (her birthday is tomorrow).  Even without a pattern, it fit.  Miracles never cease!).  

{2} Finish (a few) projects. 

{3} Do more cultural stuff.  Gallery openings, concerts and the like.

{4} Choose slightly sunnier vacation destinations.  Bangkok?  Capri?  We'll see!  (Really being tough on myself this year).  

Happy remaining 361 days of 2010!


  1. Karena says:

    You are so good. I stopped sewing years ago when it became too frustrating! I will make my list soon!

  2. You're fantastically gifted! That's a swell little skirt, I'm sure Porter is pleased.

    Cheers to the new year!

  3. Nice neck roll,'s meow!!!
    Like the list as well!

  4. Courtney says:

    Love the skirt! And if you end up in Bangkok, or anywhere near Southeast Asia, you have to let me know!! The food, the shopping, the lovely (well not always so lovely)'s all so perfectly different from everywhere else!

  5. I just said the other day, "I wish I'd learned to sew," and my friend said, "It's not like singing; you still have time." I took a class once. It's not for me.

    The skirt is adorable.

  6. Cute skirt! I own a sewing machine if you want to practice before you buy one! I also vote for Capri! It's at the top of my list! Happy New Year!

  7. Perfect skirt! I can't believe you whipped that up without a pattern. To echo an earlier sentiment, you are fantastically gifted.

    Happy New Year! Glad you're back in the blogging mix!

  8. HC -- I may take you up on that! To even complete one project would be a true miracle.

    Thanks so much everybody! I really, really don't know how seamstresses sew like they do -- or sweat shop workers. Such straight lines! Whether in China or Italy (presumably not in a sweat shop), it really takes talent.

  9. Jen Hsieh says:

    happy new year and good luck on your resolutions. i used to know how to sew on a machine and sadly i've forgotten :(

  10. Hollister and Porter: dear most dynamic duo! Wishing you resolute brilliance in the new year and always. The skirt is beyond, magnificent! And all with a single shiny needle (and thimble, perhaps)? Amazing but not unexpected, a complete delight.


  11. Stacey says:

    Bangkok is a place that can alter your life in a positive way. Whether it is on a spiritual level observing people practice their faith at a temple, or the way it feels to walk down the street and have strangers welcome you into their country with open arms and a huge smile, or even the amazing street food and shopping... Thailand in general is forever close to my heart. I've spent 2 Decembers there with my family (who formerly resided there for close to 6 years) and I miss it dearly, even down to the way the Bangkok air smells. It is vibrant, warm, sunny, and a bright culture in general.

  12. all admirable. sewing will be a snap for you, and the foot thingy will likely have to go down or you hurt yourself.Sewing can be dangerous.

  13. brohammas says:

    Porter has the coolest birthday ever... maybe I'm biased, just sayin'.

  14. jones says:

    Love the skirt. Porter looks so cool. Machine sewing is easy--make sure that you get a good machine (no cheapies) - that's the key to not getting frustrated. xo

  15. I love the skirt too!

    Great resolution(s). Remember the joy of saying: I made this...
    plus the joy of getting excactly what you wanted, and the finished product! ;D

    My mom sews - and naturally she has made stuff for me as well, but now I think I will have to learn it too, when having such a great teacher.

    Ina :)

  16. Invest in a good machine and stick with the sewing, even if you get frustrated. I've watched The Missus go back and forth for a while but over the past year she has conquered whatever mental block was keeping her from digging in and enjoying it. Now, many's the night when I fall asleep to the hum of her Singer. Plus, she and our children run around in custom clothing not unlike the von Trapps. Everyone loves a gal who can make stuff.

  17. Great skirt. How did you make it?

  18. JMW says:

    Love that skirt! Happy New Year!

  19. Everyone should have a resolution that involves trips to Capri...XXOO