A New Frontier for Hostess Gifts

Peter Pracilio's mom is a huntress.  He called her on Saturday morning.  "Shhh, Peter...I'm in the bush!" He must've called after concocting the best hostess gift ever given (outside of the Ottoman Empire or the French Courts, I assume).  He painstakingly created new labels and tags for a bottle of Woodford Reserve (amazing enough!), to completely re-tool it as a bottle of "Hovey's Hooch." It is just perfect in every way. Talk about above and beyond. 

(Take a look at his site.  His Choplery set may be one of the coolest, most beautifully simple things I've ever seen). 


  1. DAM says:

    That is covet-able and wonderful.

  2. What a great friend! The choplery is AMAZING!

  3. Yes, what a great friend and what a terrific idea. Truly spectacular!

  4. Great little gifty gem!

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  6. Leciawp says:

    awesome! (and what a funny comment above mine)