Holiday Trooper (A Pseudo HHH Shopping Guide)

These shopping guides can be tough because I only want to recommend items that are photographed iPhone style with immaculate white backgrounds - you know, to make charting process easy. That means no Ralph Lauren or J.Crew (all objects on their sites are on faded grey backgrounds and/or on models). It also means a litany of cool vintage stuff is forced by the wayside. So, in order to show off some of the cool vintage stuff, I'm making a chart exception! The following all come from the Billings Army Navy Surplus Store.

Row 1: French Wool Blanket, $39.95; WWII Cat Gut Snow Shoes, $249.95; Swedish Red Cross Sign, $49.95; WWII U.S. Army Towels, $24.95

Row 2: Swiss 1950s Folding Shovel, $29.95; Norwegian Field Pharmacy Case, $99.95; German Military Alpine Ammo Sled, $149.95; Bulgarian Wrist Compass, $49.95

Row 3: Duofold Midweight Union Suit, $46.95; Canvas Water Bucket, $9.95; GI Hospital Bed, $169.95; Swiss Avalanche Shovel, $69.95; Burlap Mattress Cover, $14.95 (not the most comfortable thing for sleeping, but it'd look great on a day bed!)


  1. jones says:

    I might ave to order the burlap mattress cover for my French campaign bed--absolute perfection--I'm picking up the phone. Thanks. Mary